Tuesday, February 14, 2012

cheleseb pythagorous post

1, explain the Pythagoras method
that method is the way you find out if the triangle is a right triangle. you take the a + b-c and fill the numbers in.
if the to legs add up to the hypotenuse then you have a right triangle.
2. answer this missing side.
one leg equals = 12 which is A side
the other = 5
so we go c=a+b
c2= (12x12) + (5x5)
c2= 144+25
c2=169( sqaure root it )
so the answer will be the c= 13 2

3.is the triangle a right triangle? prove it !!!
well one side equals 8 the other equals 6 so
14 2=11 2
there for the triangle is not a right triangle.

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