Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amiel's Scribe Post

Page 150-151
Unscramble the letters for each puzzle. Use the
clues to help you solve the puzzles.
1. R C E E T N P
Percent means out of 100.
2. C R A T F I O L N A
A Fractional percent is a percent that
includes a portion of 1%.
3. M C N O B D E I
Percents that are added together
are Combined percents.
4. How many hundred grids are needed to
show each of the following percents?
a) 101% b) 589% c) 1450%
It will take about two hundreds grid.
b) It will take about six hundreds grid.
c) It will take about 15 hundreds grid.
9. Copy and complete the following table.
The first row is done for you.
Sorry if some of the grids are a little blury my scanner didn't scan the colors well enough.

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