Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kate's Percent Scribe Post


1) Discount- What you save.

2) Sale Price-What you pay after discount.

3) Total Price- Sale Price and Taxes How To get the Discount. Make the percent to decimal. 25% ÷ 100= 0.25 Then,multiply the decimal to the original price. 0.25x$75=$18.75 so, the discount is $18.75 How to get the Sale Price. Subtract the original price and the discount to get the sale price. $75-$18.75= $56.25 So, the sale price is $56.25 How to get the Total Price. The tax is depend to which country you are. So, our tax is 12% or 0.12 or 1.12 There's two ways to get the Total Price. 1) you can multiply the Sale price and our tax which is 0.12 So, $56.25x0.12=$6.75 then Add $56.25+$6.75 and you'll get $63. 2) You can multiply the sale price and 1.12 $56.25x1.12 and you'll get $63

Chapter Review 150-151

1) R C E E T N P
Percent means out of 100

2) C R A T F I O L NA
A Fractional percent is a percent that includes a portion of 1%

3) M C N O B D E I
Percents that are added together are Combined Percents.

4) How many Hundred Grids are needed to show each of the following?

A.)101% B.)589% C.)1450%

A.)2 Hundred Grids B.)6 Hundred Grids C.) 15 Hundred Grids

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