Monday, December 5, 2011

Edel's Scribe Post Dec. 5

Discount, Sale Price, Total Price

Discount = what you save
Sale Price = What you pay after discount
Total Price = sale price and the taxes

1.) Jeans $75 = 15% off
What I did to find the discount is I have to find 1% so I divide 75 by 100 and its equals to 0.75 and now I multiply 0.75 to 15 which is equals to 11.25
So the discount is 15% which is $11.25

here are the equations to understand it more easier

75 divided by 100 = 0.75
0.75 x 15 = 11.25

The sale price is $63.75 Its really easy to get because you just have to subtract the discount to the total price.

2.) iPod $285 = 5% off
The way I found the discount price in here is also the same on number 1 find the 1% I divided 285 by 100 which is $2.85 the I just multiply it by 5% which is $14.25 . So the discount is $14.25.

The sale price is easy to get its the same way I did in number 1 I subtract $285 to $14.25

Thanks for reading my scribe post and if I made any mistakes or if I miss anything just comment below.


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  2. Good job, but you could have shown how to do it on a ratio table but good job on explaining it, it helped me alot.

  3. Good Job Edel . But you could of added some more ways of getting the answer. But anyways Good job.

  4. Hey Edel. You could have added some pictures showing how you got the discount for both items. You should have two ways to get the discount. One should be a ratio table. The other way you could find the sale price is when you turn the whole number like $75 and turning it into 1% which is 0.75 then multiply it by the percent you get which you add the part that is left out which makes 100%. Here is an example. 15% - original percentage. 85%- left out part. 15%+85%=100%. So now 0.75 x 85 = $63.75 I just told the jeans sale price so that's my gift. LOL. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

  5. Good job Edel! Your scribe was great but you should have added some pictures and a video to help people understand it more. Also Kit is right. You should have two ways and you should've showed it too. Other than that, you did a fantastic job.
    Here is the video that you should have put:

    It is only finding discounts, sorry I couldn't find sale price but its just you subtract the price by the discount so yeah.

  6. Great job Edel on your scribe post. You explained how you got the answers well, but I suggest that you show us at least 2 other ways on getting it. Such as using a ratio table or finding 85% of $75.00:
    85% = $63.75
    0.85 x 75 = $63.75
    (It will save you an extra step)
    Also, Mr. Harbeck told us to find the 'total price' for each merchandise. Which was finding 12%(GST- 5% & PST- 7%) of the sale price, and then adding it to the sale price.:
    1) 12% of $63.75 = $7.65
    0.12 x 63.75 = $7.65
    and then... $63.75 + $7.65 = $71.40

    2) 12% of $270.75 = $32.49
    0.12 x $270.75 = $32.49
    and then ... $32.49 + 270.75 = $303.24

    Also you didn't tell us the sell price for question #2.(Which was $270.75)
    Next I suggest that you add a picture to give a visual for your scribe. Also I think that it's quite helpful if you add a link or video.
    Here's a game that I thought would be helpful for your scribe:

    Great job!

  7. Good job Edel! it helped me alot but you should add more ways how to get the Discount, Sale Price, and the Total Price, but anyways Good job!