Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carlo's Scribe Post- Textbook 4,5 and 8

4)For 4 A what I did was I divided 20 and 100 then I got 0.2After that I multiply 0.2 to 60 so my final answer is 12.

B) For 4 B what I did was the same thing as 4 A. I divided 250 to 100 and I get 2.4 and then I multiply 2.4 to 400 so my final answer is 1000


For 4 C I did it the different way what I did was a proportion statement so what I did was I wrote 10.50 and divided it by 100 and get 0.105 same thing to the bottom I divided it by 100. After I got the answer I took 0.105 and multiply it by 100 and get the final answer of 10.5.

5) For 5 A what I did was I took 2,5 and divided it together so then I get 0.4 then after I divided 0.4 to 100 and get 0.004, after I multiply 0.004 to 32.5 and the answer of 1.3.

B) For 5 B what I did was the same thing with 5A but I didn't move any decimals.

C)For 5 C is pretty much the same thing as what I did earlier. You divide 175 to 100 and get 1.75 then after that I multiplied 1.75 to 25.50 and get $219.625.

8) What I did for 8 was a ratio table, First thing I did was 100 divide by 4 then I get 25, 100 divide by 100 then I get 1 and the last what I divide 1 by 2 and get 1/2. The same thing to the other side what ever you do to the one side, you do the same thing on the other side so my final answer is $21.42.

Comment If I did something wrong! Thank you (:

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  1. Good job Carlo I like how you used pictures to answer the questions on your scribe it is very clear I'm pretty sure you didn't get anything wrong anyways good job