Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chapter 3 Section 3.1 80-87

#4 How is squaring a number reverse of finding a square root?
It's the reverse because you can find both answers even though you have 1 question.

#9 What is the area of the square with each side length?
a) 10
10 x 10 = 100 square units
b) 16
16 x 16 = 289 square units

#10 Determine the area of a square with each side length?
a) 9 squared = 81 square units
b) 11 squared = 121 square units

#15b Square root of 64 = 8

#16b Square root of 25 = 5

#18 A floor mat for gymnastics with a side length of 14 m. What is the area of the floor mat in square meters?

14 x 14 = 196  squared meters

#21 Kate is going to put a patio in her backyard. The patio stones she is using each have an area of 1 squared meters.
a) Area of the patio:  14 x 4 = 56 squared meters
b) Different dimensions with same area: 2 m by 28m
c) Is it possible it could be a square with whole side lengths  and same area? 
No, because it's not a perfect square. 
Here is a video to help you guys out. Please comment and suggest things to improve on my blog post.

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  1. Hey Kit! Your scribe post was great. I like how you put pictures to show your thinking and the video was helpful. HEre is a link that you could have put:
    It talks about square numbers and square roots and that is what we are learning.
    Keep up the great work!