Sunday, January 22, 2012

Textbook Questions 4, 8, and 9

4. Estimate the square root of each number, to one decimal place. Check your answer with calculator.

Square root of 72 is close to the halfway point of 66 and its square root is 8.1 and 72 is 4 numbers away from it. So the whole is 8 and the decimal is 4.
The square root of 103 is 10.1. For the whole it hasn't reach pass 11 so it is 10 and for the decimal I just counted how far it is from.
The square root of 55 is 7.5. for the Whole once again it has now pass 64 so therefore it is 7 and for the decimal I just rounded 49 by 50 then counted how far 50 is from 55 and I got 5.

8.) Identify all possible whole numbers with a square root larger that 2 and smaller than 3

9.) Identify all possible whole numbers that have a square root between 4 and 5.


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