Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Michael's Scribe Post

1. List the perfect squares immediately before and after the whole number.
2. Identify all of the whole numbers with a square root larger than 5 and smaller than 6.
26= 5.099
27= 5.196
28= 5.291
29= 5.385
30= 5.477
31 = 5.567
32 = 5.656
33 = 5.744
34 = 5.830
35 = 5.916
3. Write the perfect square immediately before and after the whole number, and then estimate the square root of the whole number to one decimal place. Check your estimates with a calculator.
4. Chelsea's square garden has an area of 60 m squared.
A. Estimate to one decimal place the side length of the garden.
Find the side length of the garden by dividing 60 by 4, 60 divided by 4 equals 7.7.
B. She has 32 m of fencing to go around the garden. Does she have enough fencing? Explain your thingking.
Yes, It's enough to fence the garden, because the side length is 7.7, chelsea's garden is square, and square is 4 sided, you multiply it by 4 and the answer is 30.8. Chelsea has 32 m of fencing the garden and the area is 30.8, Chelsea has 1.2 remaining for fencing. 30.8 is the area of the fence of the garden.

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  1. Good job Michael. I like how u have the questions all neat in separate pictures. I Also liked how u put effort in your answers.keep up the good work michael.