Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Math Textbook

Question 6:
Step 1: Find what makes 64, so 8x8=64
Step 2: Find what makes 8, 4x4=8
Step 3: Find what makes 4, 2x2,
Step 4: Circle the prime numbers

64 is a perfect square number because you can multiply 8 by it's self to make 64.
Another way of saying that is...the square root of 64 is 8, it is a whole number, so it is a perfect square.

The area: 64m². You have to remember to draw the "tickeys" to show that it is a "real" square.


(Blue is your question, Red is your answer.)


(Blue is your question, Red is your answer.)


Step 1: Find the square root of 28 900
Step 2: The square root will tell what the length and width is
Step 3: Add the side together to find the perimeter which is 680
Step4: Then, the teacher told the students to do two laps, so you would multiply 680 by 2
that will give you 1360m


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a² + b² = c²

That formula means, that if you take the legs of the triangle, square them, then add them, you will find (c²) which is the hypotenuse². So if you have a right triangle, the legs² will equal the hypotenuse².


  1. Good Job on your scribe Mary. I like how you explained your answers step by step, so we can understand it better, and how it's easy to see. The video was also helpful. On question 15c) it's supposed to be 625 because 25x25=625. Thanks for reminding us to play mangahigh. Keep up the good work:)

  2. Hi Mary, good job on your scribe, i like how all your answers were all organized into one or two pictures and Ty for reminding me to play mangahigh, keep up the good work

  3. Hi Mary! You did a great job on your post. It had good pictures and a helpful video. There was only one problem though. It was just like what casey said, 265 isn't 25 because 25x25=625. Other than that it was great. Keep up the good work Mary!

  4. Hi Mary. Great scribe post! Everything is organized. I like how you explained most if them in steps! I also like how you added borders around your questions and answers. Here is a link: http://www.mathisfun.com/square-root.html
    Good Job!

  5. HI Mary!! Great job i like how you did the prime factorization and i like the colors of the squares...it's like a rainbow :) .....GREAT JOB Mary :)

  6. :(... I Made a typo on the very last question, it's suppose to be 100 is not equal to 121.