Monday, January 23, 2012

TextBook Question 12, 15 and 17

12) While shopping online, Ji Hun finds a square rug with an area of 11m2. He needs to know if it will fir in his 4x5 m bedroom.

a)Estimate the side length of the rug to one decimal place.
a) 52 cm

b) Check you estimate with a calculator.
b) 676 mm

c) will the rug fit?
c) 24 cm

15) order the following number from least to greatest: 7, square root 46, 5.8, square root 27, 6.3.

no. the angle is not a right angle. It has to be 10 m for the angle to be right angled

6+8 = 100; = 10
17) carmel wants to mount an 18cm x 18cm square picture on a square board thay is four time the area of the picture.

a) what is the area of the picture?

324 cm

b) what is the area of the board?


c) what are the dimensions of the board?
36cm by 36cm

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