Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jenny's Scribe Post

Textbook Questions 12, 14, 17

12. While shopping online, Ji Hun finds a square rug with the area of 11 m squared.
He needs to know if it will fit his 4 m x 5 m bedroom.

A) Estimate the side length of the rug, to one decimal place.

B) Check your estimate with a calculator.
√11= 3.316

C) Will the rug fit? Explain.
Yes, because the area of the room is 20 m2

14. Alex is thinking of a number.
"The number has a square root between 7 and 8, and it is a multiple of 12."
A) What number could he be thinking of?

B) Is there more than one answer? Explain
No, because there are no more multiples of 12 in between √49 and √64

17. Carmel wants to mount an 18 cm x 18 cm square picture on a square
board that is four times the area of the picture.

A) What is the area of the picture?
Multiply 18cm x 18cm = 324 cm2
324 cm2 is the area of the picture

B) What is the are of the board?
Multiply 324 cm2 x 4 = 1296

The area of the board is 1296 cm2. It is 4x the area of the picture
C) What is the dimensions of the board?
Find the square of 1296 cm2
The square root 1296 cm2 is 36 cm

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