Monday, October 24, 2011

Ayra's Proportion Post

Ratio: A ratio is a comparison of two quantities measured in the same unit

Example: you have a bag of 44 jellybeans, you pour 20 in your hand . It would look like this
44/20 or 44:20

Rate - A rate is two quantities measured in different units.

Example: The rate is when you read 40 words per minute.

Another example:

Proportion-An equation which states taht two ratios are equal.


Task 2
1. 1.5 hours to travel 360 miles is about 72 mph. 5/360=1/72

2. As a playground worker, if I increase the amount of apple jucie I am serving at the playground from 25 ml to 100 ml how much should I increase the orange juice to keep the quantities in the same proportion?

The orange juice is 50 ml to start with.

Task 3
What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statments are true?

3/4=12/16 or 4/9=16/32

3/4 = 12/16 is true.



Task 5
Q: Does it seem fair?

A: No it dosen't seem fair.

Q: With what you know about proportions look and read this image above does it seem fair? Why have you made this choice?

A: No it dosen't seem fair because Paul Allen stole $3 billion dollars and went to jail for 40 months. While Roy Brown stole $ 100 dollars and turned him self in because he felt guilty, but got sent to jail for 15 years.

Q: What would you have done if you were the judge?

A: If I was the judge I would give Paul Allen 15 years in jail, and Roy Brown 1 month in jail.

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