Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1) What is pay it forward ?

Pay it forward is when you do something for someone else without wanting any reward the idea is that the person you help will helps someone else and then it hopefully keeps going on and on.

2) Act of kindness

For my act of kindness me and my friend John picked up trash in our neighborhood I did this act of kindness because I wanted to keep my community clean.

3) How did it go ?

My act of kindness went well because when we were cleaning the community we were have fun. It also felt good when we were done because we were very proud of our selves because we had cleaned the most of street.

4) Why is pay it forward important ?

Pay ti forward is important because it is a chance for you to help someone who is in need of assistance and also because if you do pay it forward i t makes a difference in the world.

These are some pictures we took while cleaning up

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