Thursday, November 10, 2011

Casey's Graphing Post

1. Bar Graphs
Advantage- Can compare a set of data
Disadvantage- Graph categories can be reordered to emphasize certain effects

Double Bar Graphs
Advantage- Can easily compare as many sets of data
Disadvantage- Use only with discrete data

Circle Graphs
Advantage- Can show the percent of total for each category
Disadvantage- No exact numerical data

Line Graphs
Advantage- Can easily compare multiple data sets
Disadvantage- Use only with continuous data

Advantage- Handles large data sets using symbols
Disadvantage- Symbols must be of consistent size

2. There are 3 ways that graphs can be misleading.
1( Distortion in the scale. (Break in the y-axis)
2( Distorting the visual. (Pictograph)
3( Distorting the size of the bars. (Making the bars wider)

2a( The line graph and bar graph would show the information more accurately.
2b( I would continue selling the pizza subs because both graphs show that the sales are increasing every week, so the trend is going up.

4. If I were to convince Mrs.Mota, I would choose the line graph because the trend shows that the sales of healthy food items are increasing.


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