Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JB's Pay It Forward

Part 2

- My Pay It Forward act of kindness was babysitting and picking up garbage.
- I chose this activities because it will be a big help for my parents as well as to keep the environment clean.
- I helped my parents and my neighbors.
- I helped my little brother with his homework then played games on the laptop.
I picked up all the garbage that wasnt put in properly.
- I do my act of kindness when my parents are at work and theres no one to take care of my little brother and for the other act of kindness I do it when i see that it wasnt put in properly.

Part 3

- I think my act of kindness went well.
- My brother and I did our homework then we just play around until my parents come home.
Every time I get gome from school I check if theres any garbage on the ground.
- I feel good because I know that I'm helping others.
- My parents were glad because they wouldnt have to look for someone to take care of us.
- Yes, I asked my little brother to do kindness and the same thing when he gets older.
- He didnt react to it much because he doesnt understand it clearly yet.

Part 4
- The idea of Pay It Forward is important because you are making a difference to people by just doing random simple kindness.

- I think I made a defference for my parents and neighbors. For my parents because they work hard and if I'm not responsible enough, someone would have to come in and take care of us. For my neighbors because instead of them doing it, I do it for them.


  1. Good job JB,
    I liked how you did more than one act of kindness and I think that you did make a difference in your brothers life and you helped out the naborhood to.

  2. Awesome job JB. You took care of your brother and picked up garbage around your neighborhood was a good idea and another good idea was to do two things for your Pay it Forward. Keep it up

  3. Good job J.B. You took care of your little brother and you picked up garbage. Good job, I liked how you did two act of kindness.Well done