Thursday, November 10, 2011

Devon's Graphing Post

1) Bar graphs are the best for comparing data across categories. The disadvantage of bar graphs are
  • Graph categories can be reordered to emphasize certain effects
  • Use only with discrete data

2) Line graphs are best used to show data over a long period of time.
The disadvantage of using a line graph are
  • Use only with continuous data

3) Pictographs are best to show data that can easily be counted and represented.
The disadvantage of a pictograph is
  • Hard to quantify partial icons
  • Icons must be of consistent size
  • Best for only 2-6 categories

4) Circle graphs are best to show percents, part to hole, and categories.
The disadvantage of a circle graph are
  • No exact numerical data
  • Hard to compare 2 data sets
  • "Other" category can be a problem
  • Total unknown unless specified

  • Best for 3 to 7 categories
  • Use only with discrete data

2) Graphs can be misleading are

  • Distorting the scale
  • Distorting the visuals
  • Distorting the size of bars

2a) line graph and a bar graph

2b) Yes I would continue selling Pizza Subs Because the graph is showing that in each week, the items that are sold are getting higher.

4. I would choose the line graph to get Mrs. Mota to continue selling healthy choices in the canteen.


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