Sunday, November 13, 2011

Madeline's Graphing Post

Types of Graphs:

  1. Bar Graphs

  • visually strong

  • can easily compare two or three data set


  • graph categories can be reordered to emphasize certain effects

2. Double Bar Graph


  • it's good for comparing two sets of data, to see the difference of the two data

  • the intervals can be hard to find where the exact bar is

3. Line/double line graph


  • is best for showing data overtime

  • also good for finding the trend


  • depending on the interval, finding the exact data can be difficult unless it is shown

4. Circle Graph


  • visually appealing

  • shows percent of total for each category


  • no exact numerical data

  • hard to compare two sets of data

  • the "other" category can be a problem

  • total unknown unless specified

  • best for 3-7 categories

  • use only with discrete data

5. Pictograph


  • easy to read

  • visually appealing

  • handles large data sets easily using keyed icons

  • hard to quantify partial icons

  • icons must be of consistent size

  • best for only 2-6 categories

  • very simplistic

Distorting the Graphs:

  1. Distorting the scale - a break in the y-axis - can be showed as:

  2. Distorting the visual(pictograph)

  3. Distorting the size of the bars


2. a) A bar graph and a line graph can show the data more accurately.

b) Yes, I would continue because the sales go up each week and both graphs show a trend.

4. I would choose the line graph because it shows the trend increasing.


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  1. Good Job Madeline! I thought your scribe post is great I liked the kinds of pictures you showed because they are very clear. I liked how you changed the colour of the text for every new section, but I thought you could of made less spaces in between each sentence because it seems like the post will get longer and longer and so much scrolling. D:. I also like how you explained you answers but I thought you could of included the questions so we know what you are talking about! Overall excellent job!