Thursday, November 3, 2011

math notes

ok so i havent done a blog post ever so i am here to do one now! so>>>> i am going to do one all on all of my notes !
mean: add up all the numbers of the set and divide by the number of items.
median: arrange the numbers in accending order, find the middle number.
mode: the most common number in set of data.
range: the differance between the largest and the smallest peices of data.

perportion: 2 equivelent fractions. __1____ = ___3____

2 6

equal:: means the same or balanced.

word ratio: were you write what happened in your perportion statement.



when making your graphs try to make evryhing the same.


on the exam dont cram all your graph data at the bottome of the page tryand put it in the middle so you are getting a higher mark and it looks neater!

there is many ways you can make one bar on the graph looked messed up.

there is :

to color only one of the bars.

to bigmac it ( make one of the bars bigger then the rest)

3d one ( make one of the bars 3D and the rest normal)

and lastley....

mess withe y axis( make a zig zag in the y axsis)

there is also different kind of graphs:

circle graphs: used to show percentage

double bar : used to show the diffrance between two or more datas

line graphs: used to show how much the data increases or decreases

single bar graphs: used to show regular data

data can be presented using bar graphs, double bar graphs, circle graph, line graphs and pictro graphs. different graphs may provide different information and display certain types of data better. bar graphs are better for comparing data across categories. double bar graphs are best for comparing 2 sets of data across cateogories. circle bar graphs are best for comparing categories to the whole using percents. the sum of the percents in a circle graph is 100% . the line graph is best for indicating changes in the data over time. the pictrograph is best for comparing data that can be easily counted and represented using symbols.
thepictrographs will most likley be on the exam
thats all my notes for now!!! i hope you get yur notes up to date and have fun studying!!! k byee:D


  1. good job :0 but i think it would look better with out the huge spaces in between the sentences unless you were planning on putting pictures.

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