Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ethan's Graphing Post

Bar Graph

Advantages -
it is easy to understand
can easily compare two or three data sets

Disadvantages - graph categories Can be reordered to emphasize certain effects
only use with separate data

Line Graph

Advantages -
can compare multiple data sets easily
data can be inferred from graph line

Disadvantages -
use only with continuous date

Circle Graph

Advantages -
visually appealing
shows the total for each category

Disadvantages -
the data is not exact
hard to compare 2 data sets
the total is unknown unless specified


Advantages -
easy to read
visually appealing

Disadvantages -
very simplistic
icons must be the same size

Double Bar Graph

Advantages -
best for comparing 2 data sets

Disadvantages -
it could confuse people

Misrepresentation -
break in the y axis
if bars are bigger than others
if pictures on the pictograph are not the same size

2a) I would use a bar graph and a line graph

2b) I would continue selling them because on a line graph the sales are going up

4a) I would choose the line graph


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