Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kit's Scribe - Percents

Math Links 8 Chapter 4 Section 4.1 pg.128-129 #4-16
Click the word link to go to the online textbook

The questions I did were 4, 6, 8, 13.

a) 3 hundred grids are needed because it's exact.
b) 5 hundred grids are needed because 466% is more than 400% and less than 500%
c) 12 hundred grids are needed because it's exact.

Here is a video to help you with Percentage word problems.
Here are also some links.

Please give me feedback on this :) Thanks for reading my post.


  1. Your scribe post was great Kit. Everything was said clearly but there is only two problems. One is that you posted your scribe it late and two is that you didn't add a helpful video. Here is a video that you should have put on you scribe post:

  2. Good Job Kit! You explained how you got the answers well. I suggest that you finish your scribe a bit earlier. Also to add a link or video to help us understand more about percentages.
    Here are some links you could add:

  3. Hi Kit. Great scribe post. Your explanations are very clear. My suggestion is to add a video and/or a link. Here is a video:
    Here is a link:

  4. Great Job Kit! You explained everything very clear. I think you should have added a link or video to help us understand about percentages.

    Here is a link you could add to your post:

  5. Great Job Kit! I liked how you added pictures to your post to help us know or to give us a visual of what the you are trying to tell us and what the answer looks like. I liked how your pictures are also made by you and not taking pictures off from google. I thought you could of added a video or a link to help us understand or practice more.

  6. Thanks for the comments, guys and gals. :) I'm going to make these changes as soon as possible.

  7. Great Job Kit! Your explanations are very clear and understandable and I liked how you put pictures for each question, so we can see what it looks like. I thought the video was helpful. Here is a video that you could also use: