Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jackie's Pay It Forward

~Pay It Forward~

1. In Pay it Forward it was about a little boy who is trying to make a difference in people's lives so they can pass it on to one another getting bigger and bigger. He first started to help a boy getting bullied, his teacher, and his mom. He ended up facing challenges through out his way but faced them and got through it. He ended up succeeding his goal and being interviewed all around the world on how he made a difference for lives around the world. But he ended up dieing because when he tried to defend the boy getting bullied, the bully went to far then ended up stabbing him

2.My Pay it Forward act of kindness was a bake sale with Aicelle and a bit of help from Marnelle.
I chose this activity because we thought it was a unique way of choosing to make puto ( rice cakes), and it makes us have a big effort into them.
We helped the less fortunate in Siloam Mission by giving them 60 dollars.
We sold our puto to all of our relatives because we found out most people were selling at school so we decided to do something different.
We did our act of kindness on Nov 10, 2011 which was last Thursday.

3.Our act of kindness went pretty well because we sold a fair amount of money in one day and producing and video. But it was hard because we had a bit of a hard time finding where Siloam Mission was but we found our way.
Once we got there, the Lady I so called think was named Lean or Lian came to us for a greeting.
I felt pretty pumped because I wanted to see how the people will react.
Yes, we did tell them to pay it forward.
Their reaction was that Lian was smiling and surprised of what we did and they seemed to be happy because she now knew that kids also care about other people and what they are experiencing. She also said and I quote " I thanks these young girls for raising money for the less fortunate, and it's so exciting that we pay attention around the communtiy, supporting us Siloam Mission." (thumbs up)
-Leanne Peters

4. Pay it forward is important because it makes people feel more emotional of what other people can be going through and to think about what we have like food, shelter and clothing. It also tells people that we should be helping them because if you were them you would want to be helped in any kind of way to survive and healthy living life. Lastly I think our act of kindness did make a difference because 60 dollars feed I think what they said was 12 people and that is a lot for only 3 people in 1 day. I feel really good because we made the less fortunate feel happier and that we let them know that there are people out there who want to help any one.

This is a picture right before we put it in the oven and right before we went to start cooking! :D

This is a picture after we finished cooking it.

Here is a pictures when we started to package them.

This is a picture of Leanne and us taking a picture of our donation and with us :D.

We made a video that we worked really hard on but when it came to uploading it just wouldn't upload or go onto the blog. But the results that we made but couldn't post was wonderful I hope you could have seen it I'm sorry for what has happened.


  1. Good job Jackie!! I think your pay it forward was a great idea,and very thoughtful, i also liked how you explained each section.Great job...Keep up the good work!!

  2. Well done, Jackie! I think your act of kindness is really unique and very effective. You and your group have just made a difference to the less fortunate and that's really good to hear. I like how you showed the steps clearly with the pictures and captions and you told us everything you did to accomplish this act of kindness. Keep it up and soon you will be a great citizen and a wonderful difference maker.

  3. AMAZING JOB JACKIE !! I think that your pay it forward was interesting because it was a bake sale and you were selling filipino delicusies and you gave the money to Siloam Mission. BY the way the puto look delicious. I liked how you showed the before and after pics. You explained very thouroughly and clearly !! KEEP UP THE HELPFUL WORK !!