Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Day

At We Day 16, 000 people went there to inspire and celebrate the youth movement for global change, and among those people were me and 30 others. We Day was an incredible experience for me. I was very excited to see the speakers and performers, on what they had to say on their experiences with changing the world and making a difference. It was the first We Day in Winnipeg, so it was an honor being there. There were speakers like Marc and Craig Kielburger, Mia Farrow, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor, Michel Chikwanine, Spencer West, and many more. They talked about how their experiences with changing the world.

Michel Chikwanine told us his "we story" in placards, he is taking the vow of silence, he did that for children all over the world, who's freedom is taken away from them. Their rights is to have an education and a childhood, like we have. He also spoke for 300, 000 child soldiers who don't have the right to speak. The vow of silence is when people take a stand for children who's rights are not being elevated . On November 30th, people will go silent for 24 hours in solidarity. Being silent can mean no speaking, not using emails, facebook, twitter, or text messaging.

Another speaker was, Rick Hansen, most famous for his Man In Motion Tour, where he traveled all over the world in his wheelchair. He was paralyzed from the waist down, after he got into a car accident. Despite of his disability, he got to do things that most people can do like bungee jumping, even in a wheelchair. He told us to never give up on our dreams.

Many times we repeated the words "We Are". Craig and Marc asked "who's feeling inspired?" , "who's the change?", and many more questions. When they asked us that we said "We Are". We wouldn't even have We Day if it weren't for Craig, starting the Free The Children. It was an event that empowered youth to be the change that they see in the world.

Michel Chikwanine

Rick Hansen

Marc and Craig Kielburger

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