Monday, November 21, 2011

Shera's Scribe - Textbook pages 135-137 (Questions 1, 3, 11)

1. Kaitlyn and Jordan are converting 0.003 to a percent.
Who is correct? Show how you know.

0.003 = 3%

0.003 = 0.3%

- Jordan is right, because to convert a decimal to a percent, you multiply it by 100.
0.003 x 100 = 0.3%

3. Team mates Mark and Jonas are discussing the outcome of a game. Mark says their team scored 500% as many goals as the other team and Jonas says they scored five times as many goals as the other team. Can they both be correct? Explain how you know.

- Yes, they can both be correct because 100% of the other team's goals multiplied 5 times is 500%.

11. Express the shaded portion of each diagram as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent.

a) Fraction - 17/25
Decimal - 0.68
Percent - 68 %

b) Fraction - 9/24
Decimal - 0.375
Percent - 37.5 %


  1. Good job on your scribe post, Shera. I liked how everything was organized. I suggest that you put colour in the font so it can stand out more, and put a video up , so people can understand.
    Here are some videos that you could use:

  2. Great Post. Thanks for Scribing.

  3. Great Job Shera I liked how you made great and clear explanations to your post. I liked how you bolded words and important words, but maybe add colour to make your post more exciting for people to see because you should let people know that "hey I want to see this post!" You could of added some videos and links to help us understand. Overall great job! Keep it up!

  4. Hi Shera. Great scribe post! Your explanations are very clear! I like how you made your answers bold which stands out, but I suggest to add color to your font. I also suggest to add a video and link.
    Video :
    Link :

    Good Job!

  5. Good job Shera! Your post was great! And your explanations were clear except I think that you should show how you would convert to a fraction, decimal, or percent. I liked how the answers were all in bold, it made them all stand out. The only things I suggest are adding some colour and a link or a video. Here's a link that I think would be helpful:

  6. Good Job Shera! One improvement you can make for 11 a) and b) is showing how you converted fractions to decimals to percent.

  7. Great job Shera! I really enjoyed reading your scribe post. I think you explained everything very clear. However I think you should show how you converted the fraction, decimal, or percent. I think you should have added colour to your scribe post so that it stands out more. Here is a link that you could add to your scribe post:

  8. Good Job Shera :D they way u answer the questions is very good because it requires less work and i like less work