Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ayra's Scribe Post 5, 9, 11

* 5. Determine the percent of each number.

Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.*

a) 1.3 b) approximately 144.88 c) $219.63


9. The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan, which is in the Yukon Territory. Mount Logan is 159% as high as the highest point in Alberta, Mount Columbia. The elevation of Mount Columbia is 3747 m. What is the elevation of Mount Logan?

answer - 5957.73 m


11. The area of Canada is approximately 9 984 670 km2. The area of Manitoba is about 6 1/2% of the area of Canada.

What is the area of Manitoba to the nearest square kilometre?

answer - approximately 649 004 km2.


Here is a video: Enjoy!

*Sorry if the fractions don't look like fractions.*

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  1. Good job Ayra, your fractions are fine it is not wrong and all your answers are correct in my point of view and one last thing nice video you got there