Wednesday, November 16, 2011

chelese's pay it forward post

what happend?
i cleaned the streets with my brother, i cleaned up 3 streets and I took an hour and my brother didnt really want todo it with me but but he did it anyways. i did it for one hour for one weekend i filled up 4-5 bags.

How did you feel?
I felt really happy and I felt really good that I cleaned because a lady came up to me and my brother and asked why we were doing it and we told her and we also told her about pay it forward and she was happy that we were cleaning up the environment.

did you ask the person/people involved to "pay it forward"? how did the person/people react to this?
I didn't ask them I just told them about pay it forward

some pictures i took well doing this.....

i had so much fun doing this.......
thank you :)


  1. I see my house kinda just kidding good job

  2. I really liked you Pay it Forward blog. you did a good job with taking your pictures. what you maybe could have done better is maybe make a video of the pictures you took and put it up on this blog. you can also said why you wanted to pick up garbage in you community. you could have also have said why it is important to do pay it forward. overall you did a terrific job

  3. Hey Chelese Good Job on doing a Pay It Forward I really like how you went out a help clean our community nice pictures to show what you've done but you should ty making a video anyways I hope you will keep on doing on your future and make our community cleaner and better.

  4. Good job cleaning up your neighbourhood with your brother. It was really good idea for pay it forward. Filling up 4-5 bags takes alot of work. I noticed that your blog is short, did you answered all those question that are given? I'm not sure if you did. But Overall, great job.