Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kit's Pay it forward

What is Pay it forward?

Pay it forward is when you do a random act of kindness to anyone, without expecting any rewards. The people I help will or might continue to do it for other people. The people who are reminded about the generosity will continue and the cycle goes on and on.

My act of kindness is volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest and helping my friends clean my neighbor's yards. Three of them in total. I chose these activities because Harvest helped my family when we were short of food and I helped my friends because they needed me and I said yes. For Harvest, I helped people who are in need of food because if it weren't for the volunteers there would be no Winnipeg Harvest. For yard cleaning, we helped people by cleaning their yards because a clean front yard will be good for the neighborhood, prevents sewer problems, provides clear mind and save the environment. I did both of these activities on November 12, 2011.

My act of kindness went very well. I felt happy to help because I want to stop poverty in Manitoba. I think they were surprised of how many people there were to volunteer because there were a lot of us. It was really fun because I hanged out with Mary, Aicelle, and Abby during the tour. I did not ask Winnipeg Harvest to pay it forward because they are already giving food to people who are in need of it. For cleaning the yards of people, it was fun because I got to help my friends and I also got to help keep our community clean.

The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it's always a good thing to help people in need. eg.)A man from Winnipeg helped two motorist that needed a tire change. After helping, he left and a few minutes later he got a heart attack. Those two motorists who he helped saw him and performed CPR. He survived because of those two motorists.
My act of kindness did make a difference.


  1. Good job Kit! Your Pay It Forward was very understandable. One of things I like about your project was that not only did you make one act of kindness, but you made another one too! What I liked about your "yard cleaning" was that your group put in all your time, effort, and energy because you wanted to Pay It Forward. I also liked your response about what would happen if you didn't clean your neighbors yard. Your answer was very thorough and well thought out. For your Winnipeg Harvest act, I liked how you helped them because you knew there are a lot of people in Winnipeg who are in need of food and are starving at the moment. Even though your answers were short, it still showed evidence to your project, so keep it up! :)

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  3. Hi Kit! Your Pay It Forward project is very well done! It was nice of you to do more than one act of kindness! It seems as if your group did quite a lot of yard cleaning, 8 bags is a lot! Good job! I like how you mentioned that Winnipeg Harvest helped your family when you were short on food. I also like how you put an example on "The idea of Pay it Forward". A lot of effort seems to be put in to this project! I'm sure Winnipeg Harvest and your neighbors appreciated your help! Great job! (:

  4. Good job kit i think your act of kindness was awesome because i think you put time and effort on your act of kindness. I was amazed how you filled 8 bags of leaves.i liked your idea that you did two act of kindness.first you raked leaves to your neighborhood with your friends and you also volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest.In my opinion your act of kindness was great because you helped our community to be clean.Awesome job kit .:)

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  6. GREAT JOB KITTY on your Pay it forward!!
    That was really cool that you, Jeremy,Jamodin, and Josh put your time on cleaning up your neighbors yard and you also volunteerd at Winnipeg Harvest on your own time that was very nice of you.