Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John's Pay It Forward

Part 2

For my pay it forward me and ethan pick up garbage on my street and we had fun picking up garbage.

Part 3

My act of kindness went pretty well because there was garbage all over the street and now we can see it clean. when i see a garbage on the street i will pick it up and throw in the garbage can.

Part 4

When ever people do this, the world is going to be clean and people can make differences by picking up every garbage on the street.


  1. Great job John, picking up garbage off the street and putting it where it belongs is going to clean the environment. You should've added pictures though so we can how you guy's were doing on your Pay it Forward

  2. i think cleaning up garbage was a great way to pay it forward, but i found your post a tad short
    and it didnt have a picture or video. I think you could have done better,please improve but other than that good job.

  3. Good Job John on picking garbage off the street Thats a great way to keep our community clean. Although I wish you added a picture or a video as proof either way good job John.