Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15/11/10 Math Homework

Homework for math: What is 22 % of 80? And to do pages 36, 37, 38, and 39 in your homework booklet.

What is 22% of 80?

There are a lot of ways you can get to your answer, but..
one way you can find the answer is to...

Step 1 : Find out what 10 % of 80 is.......... the answer is 8.
Step 2 : Do that again, 10% of 80 = 8.
Step 3: Find out what 1% of 80 is .......... it is 0.8
Step 4 : Do that again, 1 % of 80 = 0.8
Step 5 : Add the percentages together ( 10% + 10% + 1% + 1% = 22%)
Step 6: Add the answers together ( 8+8+0.8+0.8 )

The way I first found out my answer was by doing this ( I don't know if this is a correct way of doing it, but I'll just tell you how ) :
Step 1 : Find 25% of 80......You get 20
Step 2 : Find what 1% of 80........ It's 0.8
Step 3 : Again, find what 1% of 80 = 0.8
Step 4 : And again, find what 1% of 80 = 0.8
Step 5 : Add the Percentages, located in the purple "thing". Equals to 3%
Step 6 : Add the decimal numbers in the purple "thing". The answer is 2.4
Step 7 : Do 20 - 2.4 = 17.6, your answer! You're probably thinking where I got 20 from, that was when we did step one.
Step 8 : Lastly, Do 25% - 3% = 22%

Homework Booklet, Page 36, number 2a.

Shade hundred grids to represent each percent ( 3 % ).

Homework Booklet, Page 37, number 3a.

She diagram as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent.

Answer: fraction : 1/4
decimal : 0.25
percent : 25 %

Homework Booklet, Page 38, number 1-4.

Match each sentence beginning in column A to an ending in column B.
1) To represent a percent great than 100%, shade more than one hundred grid.
2) To represent a fractional percent greater than 1, shade squares from a hundred grid to show the whole number and part of one square to show the fraction.
3) To represent a whole percent, shade squares on a grid of 100 squares called a hundred grid.

Homework Booklet, Page 39, number 9 a, b, c, and d.

How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the following percents? Explain your thinking.
9a) For 230%, you would need (3) hundred grids, because (2) hundred grids would be fully colored, and you would still need to color 30%, so 3.

9b) 680% would need (7) hundred grids, you always want to go one grid higher than how much hundreds you have in your number.

9c) 395% ......................... Think about it!................... Your answer, (4) hundred grids.

9d) 1420% Hmm.. Now let's think about that, you would need (15) hundred grids because, like I said in question 9b, " you always want to go one grid higher than how much hundreds you have in your number "
So, in this case, there are 14 hundreds in 1420, so you would go one grid higher, which is 15!

(When I publish this post, none of my colored fonts are showing, so sorry if it looks plain *sigh* )
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  1. Thanks Mary, I was a bit confused about the 22% of 80 but your example helped me. You explained all the notes clearly. Good Job, Mary. (The colored fonts thing happens to my posts to.)

  2. Thanks Mary! Good job on explaining step by step on how to find the percent and the grid thingy! Haha.

  3. Hi Mary. Great scribe post! The "22% of 80" is very well explained. Everything is clear. I think you should have added the different percents we did in class: " 50% of 60, 25% of 60, 10% of 60 and etc. "

    Here is a link you could have added to you scribe post : http://www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/vol4/meaning_percent.html

    Good Job Mary!

  4. Hi mary! You did a good job on your scribe post. Everything was good but when you explained the second way to get 22% of 80, it was kind of confusing. Either than that you did great job.
    Here is a video you should have added though:

  5. Hi Mary! You did a great job on the scribe post! The "22% of 80" is a bit confusing. But overall, everything was clear.

    Here is a link you could have added to you scribe post : http://www.mathplayground.com/balloon_invaders_percent.html

    Good Job Mary!

  6. Great job Mary! I liked how you thoroughly explained how you got the answers for each of the questions. You explained the '22% of 80' very well(I used the same method; "25% - 3%") One thing I would suggest is that you include a link or a video or bold some key words.
    So, I also found this great game/link that will give others a practice on percentages:



  7. Fantastic Job Mary! I think you did an excellent job on finishing 2 posts in one day and how the results looked when you finished them. Your answers were very clear and easy to follow, it even helped me! :P. I also like how you gave pictures and bolded some words but i thought you could of bolded key words in you sentences just what like Angela said up there. I also thought you coluld of added a link or a video to help us understand the concept or converting percents and such sort.

  8. Good job ! I like how you explained everything step by step. The only thing i got confused is when you were explaining 22% Of 80, but overall Everything was clear. Nice job!

  9. Thanks I know what to do with the 22% of 80.
    I didn't get confused. I thought the First explanation was more clear to me, when you had to just add 10% of 80.
    10% of 80
    1% of 80
    1% of 80

  10. I like how you explained everything step by step.
    good job :D

  11. Hi Mary! Good job on your scribe post. I liked how the questions were clearly explained, and how it was organized. I suggest that you put a video up. Here is a video link that might help.