Thursday, November 24, 2011


At the MTS center we heard some amazing speakers and we heard some pretty awesome singers. I had so much fun watching my favorite speaker Spencer west talk to us about his life and how he grew up with no legs. the things i liked the most about we day was the fact that i was chosen to make a difference. we did the we day dance more than twice and that was so much fun and an amazing experience for me. my first weday this year and i hope i can help change the poverty rate and help in some way so cild soilders will have the right to speake upfor their selvs and make their own decissions. the MTS center was filled with 16 thousand youth that are willing to change the world. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? i am and i promise that on nov. 30th to take the vow of silence for 24 hrs and I would really like it if you would join in to give child soulders the right to speak nd the freedom to act like thier selves.

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