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Jackie's Scribe Post On Percents 11/22/11

I'm sorry for posting late because I had to do community service until nine so sorry... Enjoy my scribe!

Finding the percent by finding how much one values

These were the examples we did in class for finding how much is one square in the whole.

Here were the questions...

  • 16% of 52.80
  • .4% of 101.60

For the first question we did in class which was 16% of 52.80.

Explanation:In this picture above it shows how much
one block is, because once you find how much one individual square you can find anything else with perfect ease. You find how much one square is out of the whole by dividing the whole by 100 so you can convert it to a decimal. Once you get to the decimal. You multiply the decimal by the percent you are trying to find.

  • First we find how much one square is

- So we divided 52.80 by 100= .528 ( which is how much one square is )

-Multiplied one square by the percent you are trying to find. .528 x 16 = 8.448

So that's you answer!

Question number 2 we did in class was finding .4% of 101.60.

Explanation: For this question we actually just do the exact thing but just with different numbers. The confusing part about doing this kind of question is whether to divide or multiply if you are trying to find a percent with a decimal. Well there is actually no difference you multiply no matter what kind of percent you are dealing with.

These are the questions we had for homework... But use my answers as a guide to see if your answer is the same not to just copy.
  • 350% of 10
  • .1% of $5000
  • 160% of $5327
  • 3/4% of 500

1) 350% of 10

Explanation: We use the same process that we used so far and what I have told you for all questions below.

  • 10 ÷ 100 = .1
  • .1 x 350 = 35

2) .1% of $5000


  • 5000 ÷ 100 = 50
  • .1 x 50 = 5

3) 160% of $5327


  • 5327 ÷ 100 = 53.27
  • 160 x 53.27 = 8523.2

4) 3/4% of 135


For this one because it was a fraction it must be a decimal number. So 3/4 is .75 because 3 divided by 4 is .75. Or one fourth is .25 then multiply it by 3.

  • 135 ÷ 100 = 1.35
  • .75 x 1.35 = 1.0125

5) 55.8% of 500


  • 500 ÷ 100 = 5
  • 55.8 x 5 = 279

Here is a link to help you practice! :D


Here are songs to help you remember
Fractions and Decimals by educationalrap

If the music or video does not work. Here are the links !! '



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  1. Great scribe post Jackie! Its okay if your scribe post was late because you have an excuse. All your answer were understandable and clear. The pictures, videos, music and links that you put are very helpful.
    Here is another video that you could have put and would work:

  2. Great scribe post Jackie
    I absolutely love it I don't even care if it was late you got pictures, videos, music haha love the music by the way ^^ great job again Jackie :)

  3. Great Job Jackie. I liked how everything was organized, and the answers and explanations were understandable. The video, links, songs, and pictures were helpful. I suggest that you don't put that much space at the end.
    Here is a video that you could use:

  4. Great scribe it really helped me.

  5. Great job Jackie! Your scribe post is very well done! The explanations were all well done! Everything was organized and neat! The music and videos were interesting and helpful I suppose. Some things I suggest is that you use the math term for one block, which was 'unit' so people won`t forget it on a test or a quiz. Another is that you forgot to add the $ on the answers on questions 1 and 2, it might mislead people in some ways. Here is a link/game that I found that will surely give others more practice on finding the percentage of something:

  6. Good Job Jackie :D. i like your explanation for each of your answers and i like the video you have too.

  7. On 160% of 53.27. You forgot to put the decimal so you computed with the whole number 5327. Therefore, you found out 1% of 5327 which is suppose to be 1% of 53.27 and the answer to it is 0.5327. You multiply 0.5327 by 160 because you're trying to find 160%. The answer to that is 85.232. You have the right idea but it's kinda wrong. Everything else in the scribe is alright, Awesome job Jackie!

  8. Jackie, good job! I like how you explained everything clearly. Changing the colour of your fonts made your scribe post very attractive. I also like how you added a link, video, and a sound track thing! I suggest you to add a 0 in front of the decimal, like 0.11, 0.28, 0.10, 0.08. If you just leave the 0 out, like .12, when you write it on a test, it could seem like you just accidentally put a dot, because your led broke or something. So yeah, just next time, just add the zero in front of it. Good job!

  9. Hi Jackie! Great scribe post! Everything is very well done. Your scribe is very organized and easy to read and understand. The video is helpful and the music is actually catchy! The link is fun and helpful. I agree with Mary, I think you should add the 0 when you're putting a decimal. Here is another link: http://www.math-play.com/Changing-Fractions-and-Decimals-to-Percents/changing-fractions-and-decimals-to-percents-millionaire.html

    Good Job!