Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gielh's Graphing post

1. Use your notes to list the different types of graphs. Please list the advantages and disadvantages of each graph.

1) Bargraphs is the best for comparing data across categories . But the disadvantage of using the bar graph is that the intervals are hard to identify.

Pictographs are the best for comparing data that can be easily counted and represented using symbols. But the disadvantage is that the pictographs is that pictures are in different sizes.

Double bar graph are the best for comparing two sets
of data. But the disadvantage is the intervals are hard to find and plot it.

Line graph is the best for showing changes over time and it shows the trend. But the disadvantage using a line graph is its hard to plot and the intervals aren't accurate .

Circle Graph graphs are the best for percents and part to wholes. Disadvantage is percents are really close and the categories.

2) how can graphs be misleading . show 3 ways

1)One is that you could put a break on the x-axis

2) Another way if misleading a graph is drawing different sizes for the pictographs.

3) Another way is distorting the graph or scale.

2a) The following chart shows Pizza Sub Sales over a month. What 2 graphs would show the information accurately?

I would use a bar graph and a line graph.

2b) I would keep selling pizza subs because as weeks come by the trend is going higher .

4) Below you see 2 different examples of graphs showing healthy choices sold at the canteen. If you had to convince Mrs Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices which graph would you choose?

I would use the Line graph because it shows the changes over time.

4a) Change each graph so that your information looks even MORE impressive. You may not change the data just the graphs.

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