Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JM's Scribe Textbook 4.3 # 6,10,14

Page 142 - 143
Numbers 6,10,14




10. A
I'm not sure how to do this so I've tried
Sorry =(

4% of 100
8% of 200

I arrived at my answer because 4% x 2 = 8%
100 x 2 = 200

If I did something wrong help me out, comment. =)


  1. Hey jm! You did a great your scribe post. Also you didn't have any mistakes, but on the 6a) you don't round it just leave it at 0.625. I liked how you showed how to get to the answer.
    Here is a video that you could have put on your scribe:

  2. Great scribe post JM. I liked how everything was organized. I suggest that you change the colour of the font, so it can stand out, and I think you should add a video so we can understand more. Here is a video that you could use:

  3. Good Job JM the only thing u got wrong was 6a because I think u were suppose to round off the number at the end of the equation instead of 0.625 but anyways good job

  4. Good JOb Jm the only thing that is a bit wrong was that you made a mistake on 6 a) and your because you have to round of the number at the end rather than leaving it 0.625. But that mistake was nothing because you did an excellent job