Thursday, November 10, 2011

John's Graphing Post

Bar Graph

: you can easily compare two or three set of data.
Disadvantages: graph categories can be reordered emphasize certain effects.
: can only use with discrete data.

Line graph
Advantages: you can compare multiple continuous data sets easily.
: interim data can be inferred from line graph.

Disadvantages: only use with continuous data.

: its easy to read
: visually appealing
: handles large sets of data easily using key icons
Disadvantages: hard to quantify partial icon
: icons must be a consistent size
: best for only 2-6 sentences
: very simplistic

Circle graph:
Advantage :A circle graph is best for comparing data from part to whole using percents.
Disadvantage: You can only compare one variable at a time, not the relationship between two variables as you can do with a line graph or some bar graphs.

Double Bar Graph:
Best for comparing two sets of data across categories.
Disadvantage: You could get confused by both of them together even if they are in color.

2) Three ways graph can be misleading are
  • Distorting the scale
  • Distorting the visuals
  • Distorting the size of bars
2a) Line graph and Bar graph

2b) Yes I would continue selling pizza sub because the graph is showing that each week the item get higher and higher.

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