Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Madeline's Pay it Forward

Part 1:
On October 31st 2011, all of the grade 8's watched the movie "Pay it Forward." It is the kind of movie that touches people's hearts in a way that makes people think twice about their actions. It also tells you that, old or young your age doesn't matter when making a difference. We don't need someone to tell us to "Pay it Forward," we can just act by ourselves.

Part 2:

My group Shera, Jenny, Sarissa and I went to the Ronald McDonald House for our Pay it Forward act of kindness. We choose this activity because we wanted to make a difference in the lives of children that are fighting a life threatening disease. We helped the children in the Ronald McDonald McDonald house. We went there Monday after school on November 14 2011.

Part 3:

Our act of kindness went very well! Kerry was the one who showed us around the house, so we know where the different activities happens. We felt very welcome to the place. She welcomed us warmly and was very kind. We got the privilege to sign the guest book and wrote "Pay it Forward" under our names and wrote it on the tags that we tied onto the treat bags that we gave them. Kerry was delighted that we chose them for our Pay it Forward project. They reacted by telling us that we are doing a good thing for our project. We had such a great time while being toured around and just being there at the Ronald McDonald House.

Part 4:

It's important because it makes us think of others instead of just thinking about ourselves. We aren't too sure if our act of kindness made a difference to the children we helped because they were at the hospital when we went there. We hope we did made a big differece to their lives. One difference we made was towards Kerry because she was touched of what we did, she even told us that we were doing a very nice thing.

Here's a link to Our "Pay it Forward" Project video.


  1. Who was involved in the act of kindness? (giving and receiving)

    - The people who are involved in this kindness are Jenny, Madeline, Sarissa and Shera.

    What act of kindness was completed?

    - They went to Ronald McDonald and gave the kids some goody-bags that they made.

    In your opinion, who benefited from this act of kindness?

    - I think the kids from Ronald McDonald's house benefited from this act of kindness because now they know that a lot of people cares about them and also I think Madeline and her group also benefited from this act of kindness because they made someones smile.

    What can YOU learn from their experience?

    - I learned that age doesnt matter if you really want to make someones life meaningful.

  2. Hi Madeline! I really like your act of kindness because it seems like you girls had a lot of fun and put a lot of smiles on peoples faces. I really like your idea it was smart to choose the "Ronald McDonald House". When you said youre girls arent sure if you made a difference, OFCOURSE YOU DID! Even the littlest things can make a difference to others! You helped the children by making them feel happy and having them have a smile on their faces. Kerry seems like a nice person. I agree with her that the idea that you girls did was fantastic. Good Job on the post its very colourful and neat! Once again good job Madeline, Sarissa, Jenny and Shera! :D

  3. Hey Madeline, good job on your act of kindness. I like you and your group took the time to plan and organize how you guys were gonna do this act of kindness. I also like how you guys spent your money just to buy stuff for the kids that are fighting a disease and you made a reason for them to smile again and not think about what they are going through. Good job you guys(:

  4. Oh! and btw! Your link to the video did not show your video.