Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jomel's Pay it Forward

Part 2:
Donating winter clothes to salvation army. I choose this activity because I thought donating winter clothing to a charity would probably help a kid in need of a jacket, scarf, etc. I do not know who I help but I'm guessing I helped someone in need of warm clothing during the winter. What I did was, I got old pieces of clothing that were not useful anymore and put them in a bag so I could bring them to Salvation Army. Today November 16, 2011 around 4:00pm

Part 3:
My act of kindness went pretty well since it was an easy task. I asked the cashier if I was able to donate clothing and she said "yes, all you have to do is put it in the bin" so i got the clothes from my dad's car and brought it to the bin. I felt happy for what I have done because i know that someone else would be enjoying the winter clothing and be warm in it too! Well... the cashier thought it was a very nice thing and said thanks. I told the cashier this is for my pay it forward project. The cashier was thankful for the donation of clothing.

Part 4:
I think it is important because helping people in the world can make a difference to you and others. I'm not sure that my act of kindness has made a difference but it soon could make a difference for someone in need of winter clothing.

Here's the link to my Pay it Forward


  1. JOMEL! i really liked your pay it forward. I think that you did a very good thing by giving clothes that you didn't anymore and giving him to someone who doesn't or can't afford to by winter clothing. I also liked how you explained everything of what you did and why. I watched you video and i thought it was fantastic!!!!!! i like the saying that you put in you slide show and the pictures were great!! First i thought you yo had no picture and it was kind of plane but when i clicked on the link it was great you did a great job of picking your activity !!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Jomel, what you did for your pay it forward was really thoughtful, it sounds simple enough but its more than just donating old jackets. your keeping someone warm through out out cold winter season, Great job!

  3. Hi Jomel, I think you should have added part 1 to your post so that people understand what pay it forward means and where we got our influence to do this task. Also, I think you could have done more than just donating. Other than that I think that the people that get to use those jackets would be very thankful for someone like you, thinking about them. I learned that even if you just donate, your helping the people that get to use the donation. Nice act of kindness! :)