Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mary's Graphing Post


Making a bar wider than the others:

A break in the Y-axis:

Changing the size of the picture:

3a) A bar graph, or line graph will show the information accurately.

3b) Yes I would continue. The graph shows that over the weeks, there are more and more items that are being sold.

4) I would choose the line graph to show Mrs.Mota. The reason why I would choose the line graph is because the line graph is best to show data over time and the line graph shows the trend.


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  1. Great Job Mary! I thought you scribe post is very well done! I liked how most of you pictures are made by you and not by google or other people. I also liked how you explained everything clearly except on the first picture where its supposed to say trend it says trnd. But that's okay just remember to go over your work before posting! I also liked how you made some of you information or most of it in a picture which makes your post more captivating to look at and way more interesting. Overall great job MARY!! :D