Wednesday, November 30, 2011

John's Scribe Post-Textbook 10, 13 and 14

10) When water freezes, its volume increases
by approximately 10%.
a) By how much does the volume of a) 10
-- = 0.1 0.1x750=75mL
750 mL of water increase when it 100

b) What is the volume of ice created? b) 825mL

14) 4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what
number? Explain how you arrived at
your answer.

I arrive at 4% is half of 8% and 50 is half of 100

13) Suppose a real estate agent receives 5%
commission on the fi rst $200 000 of a
house’s selling price, and 6% on the
remaining amount.
a) What does commission mean? a) Commission is the portion of the sale price that the real estate agent earns.

b) If a house sells for $345 000, how
much commission does the real estate
agent make on the sale of the house? b) $18 700

Comment if I did something wrong.


  1. Hi John! You had a mistake on your answer. Its question 14. You didn't answer the question the answer is 200% because if you do 4x2=8% then 100x2=200%. Also you could have shown how you got the answer to your question. Other than that, you did a very good job in your scribe post.
    Here is a video that you could have alos added:

  2. Sorry John. Your answer is actually right. Good job.

  3. Good job JOhn it helped me understand the Lesson more because at first I was confused on how to get certain things.

  4. Good job John all your answers are correct but I could suggest you use pictures if it is hard to say the answers in word form or maybe the question but anyways good job

  5. Good job John!it helped me to understand the lesson,and you could shown how you get your answer, but anyways Good job!