Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Day

We Day~

Today was the first ever We Day held at Winnipeg in the MTS center. This is a once in a life time experience and opportunity to be able to arrive to this memorable experience, but this isn't the same feeling I have, I bet all people that got to experience this opportunity had the exact same feeling as me. I would also include how the motivational speaker's words, actions, videos, gestures, and emotion moved the whole audience to stop and think about making differences and how lucky we are.

At the MTS center some of the people there that gave passionate speeches were Chief Shawn Atleo, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor, Mia Farrow, Spencer West, Michel Chikwanine, and last but not least Marc and Craig Kielburger then main reason everything and everyone is here right now developing and changing the world. But it wasn't just them there were other people.. those people were 16 000 youth of children and teachers and in that 16 000 there were 30 kids from our school chosen and 5 teachers to come as well.

  • Spencer West

Spencer West was there to tell us about how no matter who you are you can do anything. Just like how he himself and his parents believed that he can walk without feet. Also that anything can happen to anyone. Next year his friends and himself are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money to make a difference as well.

  • Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor is a great is example of Craig, because she was also little when she decided to stand up and take chances to make a difference in the world just by one incident she saw. She made several organizations to help the poor and the people going through starvation.

  • Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen was there to help people with spinal cord injuries because of an accident he had that made him paralyzed on the waist down. He made people just like him to stay confident and to continue living your life because there is never an end to anything.

  • Michel Chikwanine
Michel Chikwanine was there by communicating with us by using big flash cards saying what he experienced. While he was playing soccer these group of people kidnapped him and cut his wrists and put gun powder and drugs in his wounds. Then they gave him a gun and constantly screeched "SHOOT!" They told him to shoot his one and only best friend and he did... his name was Kevin. After, he was asked to become a child soldier and he couldn't stand up for himself in any way.