Thursday, November 10, 2011

Edel's Graphic Post

Data can be represented using bar graph, double bar graph, pictograph, line graph, and you can als0 use a circle graph.

Bar graph - A bar graph is best for comparing data across categories

Advantage -The bar graph advantage is good for comparing data across categories and it can you can easily the comparison between other bars.
Disadvantage -The disadvantage is that it is hard to know the exact numbers if the intervals are big like thousands etc. and the square in the grid paper are small.

Double bar graph- Double bar graph are best for comparing two sets of data across categories.

Advantage - Can easily compare two or three sets of data.
Disadvantages - Graph categories can be emphasize certain effects.

Circle graph - A circle graph is best for comparing data from part to whole using percents.

Advantage - The circle graph is best known for comparing the part to whole.
Disadvantage -The disadvantages is that when the percents are really close its hard to tell if it is the same or is it bigger or smaller.

Pictograph- Pictographs are best for comparing data that can easily be counted and represented using symbols.

Advantage - Handles large data sets easily using keyed icons
Disadvantage- The disadvantage of a pictograph is that if the pictures are cut it may be hard to tell if it is cut in to 1/3 ,1/4

Line graph - The line graph is best known for showing changes in data overtime.

Advantage - Not like the others graphs this is the only graph that compares data overtime

Disadvantage- The disadvantage is that depending on the intervals the data may be harder to identify.

Graphs can be mislead , these are the 3 ways to mislead a bar graph

Misleading a bar graph or a double bar graph.

having a break in the y axis.

Making one bar bigger

Making the intervals very small

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