Sunday, November 13, 2011

Edel's Pay it Forward

Part 2

On my Pay it Forward i decided to pick up gaarbages around our street
Me and Jandrenn had fun doing it .

At first i thought that this little work wont do a thing but when we were done I was surprised becuse we filled up the garbage bag.

part 3

My act of kindness went well because it really cleaned our street.
Im not doing it again but everytime i see garbage i could pick it up and put in the garbage can.

The idea of Pay it Forward is to get people around the world to make a difference its by starting by one then duplicating to 3 then 4 then 8 until it gets big.

I think my act of kindness made a difference


  1. Good Job on the coloring and information about the graphs.

  2. Amiel this is Pay it Forward. Where do you see graphs?

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  4. Good Job Edel Cleaning the street. Thats a great way of keeping our community clean. Although it would of looked better if you added some pictures and videos and your post was a little to short either way you did a pretty great job.