Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Day

Today, on November 23,2011, I got to experience a life changing event. There were a lot of speakers talking about how we, kids, adults, teenagers, and well, basically everyone can make a difference to this world. 16 000 attended the life changing event, We Day. I will now share what I remember.

There was a girl named Hannah Taylor. When she was six years old, she saw a man eating food from a garbage can, and wanted to change that. So at the age of eight, she decided to make her fundraiser on the homeless people and people in need of food.

Just follow your heart.
-Hannah Taylor
Rick Hansen, he's in a wheelchair, but that didn't stop him to give up on life. He is known as the " Man in motion ". He wanted to be in the Olympics doing physical activities with his legs but at the age of 15 he got into a car accident and got paralysed from the waist down. He began racing in wheelchair marathons. Rick Hansen is a leader because the things he does allows people to believe in themselves.

If enough of us choose to change even one small thing, together we have the power to change anything.
-Rick Hansen

Michel Chikwanine. When he went onto the stage, the things he told, without using his voice, wanted to make me shed into tears. He held us signs, saying..
Sign 1: "Hi my name is Michel. "
Sign 2: "One day, while playing soccer, a group of armed rebels abducted me.
Sign 3: "They took me to their camp"
Sign 4: "And cut my wrists."
Sign 5: " While bleeding, they rubbed gun powder and cocaine on my wounds."
Sign 6: " Then, they made me hold a gun."
Sign 7: " And they yelled."
Sign 8: " shoot! ... SHOOT!
Sign 9: " They made me shoot my best friend."
Sign 10: "His name was Kevin."
Sign 11: "I was forced to be a child soldier."
Sign 12: "I was silenced along with 300 000 other children."
Sign 13: "For children who are silenced by poverty and exploitation."
Sign 14: "I ask you to join me."
Sign 15: " In total silence. Please now all rise. And stand up for those who have no voice."
*everyone gets up, and Michel covers his mouth*

ON NOVEMBER 30,2011 Stand up for children's rights, and join the Vow of Silence. What you basically do is not talk, no phones, no computer, no communication to other people. We stay silent because we stand up for those who have no voice, who aren't aloud to speak for their-selves because they are facing something really difficult in their life.

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