Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ayra's Graphing Post

1) List the advantages and disadvantages of each graph.

Bar graph:
Advantages -Visually strong. You can easily compare two or three data set.
Disadvantages -Graphing categories can be easily recorded
to emphasize certain effects.

Advantages - easy to read, visually appealing, handles large data sets easily using keyed icons.
Disadvantages - Hard to
quantify partial icons, icons must be of consistent size, best only for 2-3 categories, very simplistic.

Line graph:
Advantages - can compare
multiple continuous data sets easily, interim data can be inferred from graph line.
Disadvantages - use only with
continuous data.

Circle graph:
Advantages -
Visually appealing, shows percent of total for each category.
Disadvantages -
No exact numerical data, hard to compare 2 data sets"other" category can be a problem, total unknown unless specified Best for 3 to 7 categories use only with discrete data.

Line graph:

Advantages - a line graphs advantages are that it is useful and best known for comparing data.

Disadvantages - intervals on data will be harder to identify, you need to know where the dot is exactly.

Double bar graph:

Advantages - good for comparing two sets of data.

Disadvantages - intervals can be hard to find out exactly where the dot or bar is.

2) How can graphs be misleading? Show 3 ways.

One way a graph can be misleading is...

- if you make your graphs wider or 3D.

Another way is....

- you can make a pictograph but you would have to make it a different size.

Last way is...

- you can add a break in the y-axis.

2a) The following chart shows pizza sub sales over a month. What two graphs would show the information more accurately?

Answer - A line graph and a bar graph are the best to use for displaying data.

2b) if you were selling pizza subs would you continue? How does your graph explain your answer?

Answer : Yes, I would keep selling pizza subs because the sales are getting better and better so I would receive more money from pizza sub sales. The graph explains how it starts of small and then it keeps growing greater and greater overtime.

4) Below you see two different types of graphs showing healthy choices at the canteen. If you had to convince Mrs. Mota that we should continue selling healthy choices which graph would you chose?

Answer: I would chose a line graph because it uses a set of data over time within 3 months which were September, October, and November.

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