Thursday, November 10, 2011

jandrenn's Graphing Post

Part 1
Bar graph
-you can easily compare the data across categories.
-Disadvantage-you can use only with discrete data

Line graph
-Advantages-you can compare multiple continuous data sets easily
-Disadvantages-use only with continuous data

-Advantage-easy to read
-Disadvantage-icons must be of consistent size

Circle graph
-Advantage-best for comparing categories to whole using percents
-Disadvantage-you are going to make a circle

Double bar graph
-Advantage-compare two different sets of data
-Disadvantage-takes big amount of spaces

Part 2
-Distorting the size of bar
-Distorting the scale

-Distorting the visual

The two graphs would I choose are line graph and bar graph

bar graph
line graph
-I'm gonna keep selling because you can see in my graph it's becoming higher and higher, you could see it's looks like a stairs that's going up and you could see it also by trend.

Part 4
I would choose line graph because it shows the trend going up and to empress Mrs. Mota, I change the range of the interval to make it more accurately and easy to see.

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