Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jamodin's Graphing Post

1. There are 5 different types of graphs. They are:

Bar Graph
Advantages - Comparing a set of data across categories.

Disadvantages - Can't compare two or more different sets of data

Double Bar Graph
Advantages - Comparing two sets of data across categories.

Disadvantages - You can only compare two sets of data.

Line Graph
Advantages - Showing changes in data over time.

Disadvantages - You can only use continuous data.

Circle Graph
Advantages - Comparing categories to the whole in percent.

Disadvantages - It is hard to compare categories.

Advantages - Comparing data that can easily be counted and represented using symbols.

Disadvantages - If the icon or symbol is cut , it is hard to tell if it is cut in half or in a quarter etc.

2. 3 ways graphs can be misleading is:

Distorting the scale

Distorting the visuals

Distorting the size of bars

2. a) A line graph and a bar graph

b) Yes i would continue selling Pizza Subs. The graph explains my answer because it is showing that in each week, the items that are sold are getting higher.

4. If I was trying to convince Mrs. Mota to continue selling healthy choices in the canteen, I would choose the line graph.

4. a)

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