Saturday, November 12, 2011

Amiel's Pay It Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is an idea that helps people and is passed on to another person that is in need of help on something.
Part 2
My act of kindness was helping a fellow friend that has issues on handeling a bully, offending insults and controling his temper.
I choose this activitiy because I thought it would be a good idea to help out a friend and it would be a good way to show an example on helping a another person.
I helped out one of my friend that some trouble on a bunch of things.
I gave my friend some tips or advice on how to control his temper when he is being bullied, insulted and made fun off. I showed what he should do and when to react.
I did my act of kindness at thursday after school I went to my friends house and starded helping him.
Part 3
My act of kindness went well and it went according to plan and my friend now knows what to do to take a stand.
When my friend knew what to do against insults, bullies and other hurtful things, he was greatful to have me as a friend.
When I started my act I felt the same pain that my friend did when he was bullied. I was bullied when I was a kid evertime all the time I always get bullied. For those past 3 years of pain, It never turned me down. I never gave up to take a stand, this is why I wanted to help my friend.
When I ask him some questions on how he fells when he gets bullied his reaction was sad, mad, angry and hurt.
I ask my friend to pay it forward by sharing the tips I gave him and to show other people what is like when you are bullied.
His reaction was excited and shy but he knew some people will need the ideas and advice.
Part 4
I think the idea pay it forward is a very good idea because it could get people to care for each other. Not just themselves but for everyone, so people would open their eyes and see how much people that are in desperate need of help.
I think my act of kindness made a difference because It could help help alot of people and it could show how people fell when they are bullied, insulted offensively and made fun off.
A picture of me giving my friend a helping hand.
A video on what he thinks of bullies.


  1. Hey Amiel, Good job helping Liam with his problem with bullies I like how you picked one of our friends for this I also like how you added a video telling us what his opinion on bullying is. Although I wish you could of spell checked and checked your grammar on some parts before publishing this. Because I found a few spelling and grammar mistakes like when you put choose instead of chose and theres a little bit more but im not gonna get into that. Overall great job Amiel.

  2. Hey Amiel nice idea, I like that it's nice that you are helping Liam with his problems, and you helped the person how ever big or small it actually help that's is awesome, it was probably it was hard to this pay it forward, good job for sticking to this pay it forward.

  3. Hey Amiel great job! It's very nice of you to help out your buddy Liam with bully issues. Even small things like helping out a friend can make change so good job! One thing I suggest is to review your post for any spelling errors or grammar errors before publishing. And good video as well, good job!