Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Day

It was on November 23rd that the first We Day occurred in Winnipeg. 16 000 students and educators came together at MTS center and celebrated the accomplishments of those that contributed to a better global village. And among those 16 000, were me and about 30 others. In We Day we were able to hear 'we stories' of speakers and activists such as Al Gore (former vice president of the USA), Mia Farrow (actress/activist), Paul Martin, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor(Lady Bug founder), Dennis White Bird, Spencer West (Speaker), Michel Chikwanine, and of course Marc and Craig Keilburger and so much more.

Among those speakers was Michel Chikwanine who delivered his we story in silence through placards. He did this for the mere sake of those around the world, children to be exact,who's freedom to speak were stripped away from them. Those whose rights are to have an equal education and childhood like us. By doing this he
promoted the campaign he along with Free the Children created, The Vow of Silence, which is to take action on November 30th. The Vow of Silence is basically standing in solidarity with children who are silenced by poverty, disease and exploitation. Connecting to this Michel was a normal kid playing soccer in his home town in Africa. Until he was kidnapped, drugged and given a gun to kill and shoot the innocent at will. Among those he shot was his best friend, Kevin. He spoke on behalf of 300 000 child soldiers who didn't have the voice or right to speak.
Another speaker was
Rick Hansen, who suffers from a spinal cord injury waist down. Resulting him to be paralyzed waist-down. In spite of his disability he proved that he can achieve his dreams. And he did. He won 19 international wheel chair marathons and represented Canada at the 1984 winter Olympics. He embarked on a journey around the world with some friends and traveled across 34 countries, raising over $26 million. He proved that"there are no walls too big in life that can't be climbed", referring to when he came to the Great Wall of China. And that "it's not what happens to you it's what you do with it that matters".

Numerous of times throughout the day we repeated two words, 'WE ARE'. It was a reply to the question on "who's the change", "who's feeling inspired", "who's starting the action" and so much more that I forgot because of all the screaming that occurred then. The event We Day would have never happened if it were not for 11 year old, Craig Keilburger, starting the Free the Children campaign, and for those who stood up with him. It just shows that no matter how old you are YOU can make a difference in the world, local or globally. We Day was an experience of a lifetime. It was an event that empowered youth such as myself to be the change that I see in the world.

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