Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JM's Pay it Forward

Part 2
My act of kindness was to donate my stuff to Canadian Diabetes.
I chose this because my mom does this every year so I just wanted to give more.
I helped people who has diabetes.
I felt good when you know you helped somebody.
I couldn't see how people reacted because they're going to get my stuff from my house.
I didn't ask them to pay it forward because I couldn't see them.
Part 4
The idea "Pay it Forward" is an important idea because you can help somebody and somebody else helps another person and creates a chain.
I hope my Pay it Forward will make a difference.
I will still do more and ask people to pay it forward.


  1. good job JM, those people struggling with diabetes are going to be really happy that someone thought about them.

  2. Goog job! JM liked how you helped people struggling with diabetes.