Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mary's Pay It Forward Post

1)What is "Pay it Forward"?
Pay it forward is a movie, but is a saying too. The movie is about a young boy trying to make a difference, he came up with an idea of if he did 3 acts of kindness to 3 random people, those 3 random people would do another act of kindness to 3 other people, and so on! That would make a difference to the world wouldn't it? That's where people got the saying too, I guess. Man, if everyone gave part of paying it forward, I don't think there would be anything to be worried about, like about wars and stuff like that.

2) Act of kindness.

My act of kindness was volunteering at the Winnipeg Harvest and to sell cookies for the Lady Bug Foundation. I did these act of kindnesses I wanted to help someone in need of something, like people who go to food banks is because they can't really afford food. I really want to give the people in need, a lot of things, but I just don't have the money to afford anything right now. When I am older, I KNOW I'm going to help a lot of people and everything. Giving money to a foundation is a good idea, to me, because they can collect a lot of money and give it all to other people, that they find need the money the most. At Winnipeg Harvest, we put canned goods into bags, and sorted potatoes. We did our acts of kindness on November 12 - 13, 2011.

At Winnipeg Harvest:

Selling our cookies:

3) How did it go?
It went great! At Winnipeg Harvest, we went on a tour first, then the stayed back to volunteer. I thought there were going to be more people there, but, there were actually not that many people. Also, I thought it was a bigger place, but it's quite smaller than I have thought! I felt GREAT, I love the feeling of when you know you are helping someone, it just makes me feel happy, and chill. Well, when am I not happy... I'm always happy! But I feel even more happy, like words can not describe how I feel, in a good way. I am not sure on how the people are reacting when they are receiving food, but I hope they are happy. I did not ask people to pay it forward because, I have a feeling they already know why I'm doing this.

4) Important?
Pay it forward is important because people should REALLY learn how to make a difference in the world. I hate seeing someone sad, whenever I see someone sad, I give them a BIG smile, then hope for them to smile back, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. Is it hard to smile at someone? No, no it isn't. I think I went off topic, but anyways, it is also important because if you want people to do a good thing to you, you should do something good to them. Has my act of kindness made a difference? Hmm... I think it did! No matter how small you do something, it still makes a difference right? Yeah..


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  3. Hey Mary! Awesome job on your pay it forward. I think what you, Abigail and Acielle did was very nice and helpful to those in need I also love your videos and the way you answered your questions it was very well explained. So overall Awesome job!

  4. Hi Mary I really like your Pay it Forward. It's nice that you made 2 different videos. You could have made your font bigger for people to see. Your answers were great and good grammar. From the video it looks like that you really accomplished your goal

    Part 2
    1. The people who she did this with were Mary, Abigail and Acielle.

    2. The act of kindness that was completed was that they helped out at Winnipeg harvest by putting some can goods and all that food into plastic bags. They also went out to an apartment and sold some cookies.

    3. I think who benefited was all of them because each of them did the same job and that it went really well. I also think that because they all made the cookies and they all helped out at Winnipeg Harvest.

    4. What I learned from their experience is that I know that I can help out at Winnipeg Harvest. I also learned that if you bake cookies and sell them and donate the money you can make a lot of people happy who are homeless.

    Their act of kindness can help my community because by wasting your time and helping Winnipeg Harvest you they can send the food more faster, also if you sell cookies that’s a lot of people who won’t be hungry anymore.

  5. uhhmmm. . hey Mary. .! it was a good choice to start the pay it forward cycle through Winnipeg harvest. you were very frank in your opinion and judging from your videos and explanation, I think that you were able to do what you wanted to do and that your effort really made a difference.