Tuesday, November 15, 2011


im soooo sorry that i had to take this long to get a little math notes down here...
anyways here goes everything i got
persents: a whole, out of 100
deffenition: perecenet means thenumber or outcome out of 100 showen in many different ways.
convert to decimal
convert to fraction
convert to ratio
some random thinking from the class:
-out of 100
-convert to a decimal
-convert to a fraction
-convert to a ratio
-percent sound alot like cent- the french word for 100- so out of 100
-the sign looks like this % the line means cut and the 2 circles means half or out of 100

percent - an equivelent fractio out of 100
0.5/100- a bad fraction - ratio not a fraction.

we had math home work on grids that we had to colour:
50% 2 ways
60% 2
5% 2 ways
10% 2 ways
1% 2 ways
120% 2 ways
im sorry i cant put anypictures but i CAN explain.......
50% is half of any grid. or 50/100
60% is 6 by 10 on the grid or 60/100
5% is only 5 sqaures cololured or 5/100
10% i 1 row coloured or 10/100
1% is any 1 square coloured in or 1/100
120% is 1 hole grid covered and then 2 rown on another grid or. 120/120

thats all for now/..... byeee:D


  1. Good job on your scribe post. Everything was clear but you spelt some words wrong. You should have also added a video like this one:

  2. Good Job, everything is clear about and i would agree with jamodin you spelt some words wrong.

  3. Great job! I appreciated how you made an effort on making the information stand out by having the in different colors. Most of the information was understandable but some words were misspelled, but other wise it would have been good. I think that you should add a link or a video to help your viewers have a better understanding of how percentage work.
    I found a website/game that will give others more practice on percentages, and that will also improve you scribe:


    Great Job!

  4. Good Job! I liked how you made an effort to add color, but I think it's a little to much. You might want to check your spelling, try using spell check! Good job though.

  5. Good Job! I like how you made the words stand out by having different colors. I also like that you explained what percent means very clearly. My only suggestion next time is to add a picture and video so it stands out much "MORE" better.

  6. Excellent job!! I like how you made different words different colours to help your post stand out. I also like that you put everything that we did that day. I thought you could of put a video or a link at least to help us out on remembering percents or games to practice them. Since you couldn't put a picture, I liked how you told us that you couldn't add a picture. Lastly I think you could of checked your spelling and where you forgot to space between words, try using spell check especially read over it!
    Here is a link you could of used: It is a game for percents you just click on the kind of percent game you want to play then click it!

  7. Great job! I really liked your scribe post, but most of the information was a bit unclear. You also spelled percent wrong. It's spelled "Percent" but other wise, you did a great job on the scribe post. It would have been good if you shared a link or a video, about percentages.



  8. Good scribe post! I like how colorful you made your fonts are to make them stand out! Everything is quite clear. Don't forget to check your spelling. Make sure to read it over before posting it. Good Job!

    Here is a link you could have added to you scribe post: http://www.mathplayground.com/balloon_invaders_percent.html

  9. Good Job! I like how your post is colourful. I understand all of the information about percents. Make sure you check your spelling before posting. I think you should put pictures or a video link, so it can help us understand percents more. Here is a video link that might help.