Thursday, November 10, 2011

MJ's Graphing Post

Graphing Post

1.) Data can be presented using Bar Graphs, Double Bar Graphs, Circle Graphs, Line Graphs, and Pictographs.

Bar Graphs - are best for comparing data across categories.
Advantages: Best for comparing data across categories
Disadvantages: Limited space for labeling with vertical bar graphs

Double Bar Graphs
- are best for comparing two sets of data across categories.
Advantages: Visually strong, can easily compare two or three data.
Disadvantages: Graph categories can be reordered to emphasize certain effects.

Circle Graphs - are best for comparing categories to the whole using percents.
Advantages: Best for comparing categories to the whole using percents
Disadvantages: Best for 3 - 7 categories

Line Graphs - are best for showing changes in data over time.
Advantages: Can compare multiple continuous data sets easily
Disadvantages: Use only with continuous data

Pictographs - are best for comparing data that can be easily counted and represented using symbols.

Advantages: Handles large data sets easily using key icons
Disadvantages: Icons must be of consistent size

2.) How can graphs be misleading. Show 3 ways

Answer: There are 3 ways to misrepresent data
  • Distorting the scale
  • Distorting the visuals
  • Distorting the Size of Bars
2a.) What 2 graphs would show the information accurately?

Bar Graph and Line Graph

2b.) If you were selling Pizza Subs would you continue? How does your bar graph explain your answer

Yes, I would continue selling Pizza Sub because the graph is showing that each week the item get higher and higher

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